German War Memorial Cemetry, Cannock Chase German War Memorial Cemetry, Cannock Chase face in mist 38165127 ghostly figure 38165128 orbs in misty photo 38165129 orb 38165130 orb by a grave 38165131 orb by the tree 38165132 graveyard 38165133 orbs in the cemetary 38165134 orbs on the road 38165135 orb above a gravestone 38165136 orbs 38165137 orb on the road 38165138 yellow mist 38165159 Orbs around tree 38605759 Orbs coming from cemetry 38605760 Memorial centre - Orb by door 38605761 Ghost Fairy? It was unclear what this was until we zoomed in on the picture. Notice the orbs directly above it. 38605762 Big orb by grave 38605763 German War Memorial 47981634