Midlands Ghost Hunters

Paranormal investigators

The equipment we use

Since we started this group we have been adding equipment to our collection regularly to try and further our evidence and existence of the paranormal. Below is all the equipment which we use:



This is really a must have gadget when ghost hunting especially when youll be in dark places for most of the night. We usually take a torch each plus extra batteries.


We always take a candle lantern with us on our ghost nights, although we do have torches a candle lantern makes the occasion more spooky and real. Also with candles some spirits like to make their presence known by making the candle flicker.

Video Camera

Other than a digital camera this is a must for us especially when we are doing ghost hunts indoors. When doing things such as Ouija Boards, Seances and Call Outs we like to record all our information and look back to see if we get any strange sounds or images in the background. Also with nightshot it allows us to see in the dark which makes it a lot better when walking aaround filming the location.

Ouija Board

This is the first thing we pack in the bag. Every location we go to we attempt to contact the spirit world through ouija boards or seances. For a Ouija Board to work there must be a minimum of 2 people attempting to contact the paranormal. Each person puts one finger on the planchette and asks out questions the spirits then use the energy from your fingers to move the planchetter to the corrent answers.


This is one of our newest additions to our equipment. We use the thermometer when walking around to try and find sudden drop in the temperature. Many spirits like to make theirselves known by making a certain spot very cold.

Beam Barrier

Beam barriers are 2 barriers which you place down apart from each other and it creates an invisible beam and the receiver will sound whenever the invisible infra-red beam is broken

Digital Camera

We all have our own digital cameras to take as much pictures as we can throught the night. After the night we all then look back at our photos to see if we have caught anything interesting on camera

EMF Meter

Nearly all paranormal groups have an EMF Meter and is probably the most popular gadget to have when ghost hunting. It uses a series of LEDs which light up according to the strength of the EMF field being detected. It is designed for the detection of EMF levels being emitted around us.

EVP Voice Recorder

This is our newest piece of uquipment, We use this to record sounds from the places where we are investigating. We then listen back to what we have recorded to see if we have any strange sounds. EVP stands for Electonic Voice Phenomena and it is used to capture sounds from ghosts and spirits