Midlands Ghost Hunters

Paranormal investigators



Investigation 1 - The Royal Exchange Pub, West Midlands


Time: 10pm - 3am

Weather: Cold but clear night

In 2008 we did our first ever vigil which was at The Royal Exchange Pub in Darlaston. The previous owners and punters have claimed they have seen lights down the cellar turn on and off on there own, that the beer pulls by itself on the pumps when the pub is closed and there have also been reports of a dog in a particular area of the pub. So on the night we was doing our investigation we lit candles down the cellar and set up the table to peform a ouija board and a seance. When we started the ouija board we spoke to a number of people including a man that had died in the war, he didn't give us much information only that he had unfinished business but wouldnt say what it was. As the night progressed we did a seance with a few punters (non-believers). When we began we asked the usual questions and then it came apparent the spirit with us new someone round the table. We asked who they new and it went to one the punters, this scared him a little but he started to ask questions which the unknown being was more than happy to answer. Various people started to ask questions at the same time as the others and the glass started moving faster and spinning in a circle around the table, at one point we thought it was going to fly off the table and shatter. Everyone was surprised and scared because of what was happening and the majority took there fingers off and refused to continue. This was the first time we did a ouija board and none of us was expecting any of that to happen but it left us more intrigued and eager to go to other venues.

Investigations 2 - Dudley Castle, West Midlands


Time: 7pm - 12am

Weather: Wet and windy night

We visited Dudley Castle in the west midlands through an organised tour. Dudley Castle is supposidly one of the most haunted castles in britain and is said to be haunted by a total of 9 different ghosts. A common sighting is of a lady which roams the castle grounds in search of her chilc which died just after it was born. It was a wet and cold wintery night and we were guided round with autor and presenter Richard Felix. We were given the opportunity to do a Ouija board in which someone wanted to speak to Yvonne, after asking more questions it became apparent that the ghost was Yvonnes nephew who was killed in a car accident. The Ouija organsier advised Vonn to ask a question in her head that only she would know, the glass moved and answered vonns question, vonn was emotional because the question she asked he answered correctly. Scary! When we left the table and the particular room a man came running after us and asked who Alan was? We explained that it was Yvonnes husband, he said thats the name that was whispered in his ear -  there was no way no one knew that around the table! Photos were taken and a few orbs were captured.

Investigation 3 - The Station Hotel, West Midlands

Date: 21st February 2009

Time: 11pm - 5am

Weather: Clear night

The Station Hotel has been visited by Living TV's Most Haunted team who said there was alot of activity there in particular room 217. That is the room we stayed in. There was no obvious signs of paranormal activity to start with but when we started the Ouija board and calling out that is when we new we wasnt alone. Firstly we did a Quija in which we spoke to a small child, we asked them to make there selves known and there was a bang on the radiator. We asked them to do it again and they did. Mid session we had a call from reception asking if we wanted to go to the cellars which is supposed to be haunted by a man who chopped his mistresses head off becasue she threatened to tell his wife of there affair. Matt and Jamie sat around the table with 2 women andŽ men who they hadnt met before. The Ouija was very slow starting but then it started to happen with startling consequences. We spoke to a man who says he was the man who who chopped off the head of his mistress when we asked it questions it told us to leave and GO TO HELL! Soon after the glass went to goodbye and the manager said we need to come out the cellar. We went back to our room to do the Ouija again and we spoke to a lady named Elizabeth who stated she was protecting us from an evil man named George who is standing at the door, we asked to speak to this man so we can see why he was troubled and the board spelled GO TO HELL! we realised it was the same person who was in the cellar again it then went to goodbye. Later on in the night Jamie and Matt went onto the haunted corridor and did the ouija board on the window ledge. Where can you see us from? and it responded by spelling out WINDOW, It creeped us out because we were doing the board on the window ledge in front of 2 huge windows. Jamie and Matt took some photos and video recordings of the room and we discovered some orbs and a figure standing in the mirror. After eliminating each other it is still remains unknown who the figure was.

Investigation 4 - The White Ladies Priory, West Midlands

Date: 16th May 2009

Time: 10pm - 2am

Weather: Clear but wet night

We visited white ladies priory which was an old nunnery which dates back to the 1800's. All that is left there is ruins of the old convent. Rumour has it that it is haunted by a lady dressed all in white. There has been many sightings of a white misty figure walking around the ruins and dissapearing. We did a short vigil but found nothing. On the way back to the car we took a picture of a tree and noticed a face of a screaming lady on it. Legend has it that a couple was driving there car and crashed into this tree and all that remains was a ladies face out of the burnt remains.

Investigation 5 - German War Cemetry, Cannock Chase

Date: 23rd May 2009

Time: 10pm - 2am

Weather: Clear night

Having browsed the internet for our next location we stumbled across Cannock Chase in particular a war memorial cemetry based in the centre of the woodlands. On other sites there has been sights of all kinds of paranormal activity such has big foot, were wolves and even a dog like creature nick named the "hell hound".  We arrived at the location and it was fair to say it was pitch black! We got out the car and we all felt on edge because we had no clue what was watching us from the surrounding trees and bushes. Marie took the first picture of the german graves and got a startling image, it was what seems like a mysterious fog on the top of the shot with an evil face in it- could this be ectoplasmic mist??. We continued to take pictures etc and found orbs (which are on our photographs). We tried to do a Ouija board unsuccesfully, the planchet didn't even move. The location is a very eerie place and i think with more concentration and little disruptions (doggers in cars) we could get through to some one. We went back to this location but went further into the forest to the other war memorial cemetary. We got a very interesting picture which appears to look like a pixie (in photo album). After hours of research we found out that our image could be the spirit of a ghost fairy. It is said that ghost fairies can only be found in cemetaries and graveyards and the photo was taken in the war memorial cemetary. What do you think??

Investigation 6 - St Margarets Mental Hospital, Great Barr

Date: 6th June 2009

Time: 10pm - 1am

Weather: Clear, windy night

This has been the most scariest of our locations. It is strangley situated on a newly built housing estate in the middle of a forest. There is supposdely a curse that haunts the ground by its first owner and alot of other spooky goings on. Its now an abandoned derelict building which is unsafe and which has been abandoned for 28 years. It was built in 1777 and it closed down in 1978 which means the hostoric building is over 225 years old. When we arrived we turned on to the road and began to climb up the pitch black windey road, we all new that it was the right road just by its eery feeling. We got to the top of the hill and on the right was a building which had been gutted by vandalism, fires and wear and tear, it was very unsafe to go in it.  On the left was another large building this was a very much older building than the other but it too was gutted but it better condition - it still wasnt safe to go in. We got out the car and was expecting someone to dive out the tree's and kill us it was that creepy. We took pictures and we didnt get no action like orbs and stuff. There was signs in places saying "tresspassers will be prosecuted" so we couldnt stay there very long incase we were spotted so a Ouija or a seance was out the question. This place is definatly to be continued there is so much more to explore in here. WATCH THIS SPACE!!!

Investigation 7 - Moreton Corbet Castle, Shropshire

Date: 13th June 2009

Time: 9:30pm - 2:30am

Weather: Clear, dry night

Roughly an hour and half drive away lies a sleepy village called Moreton Corbet and within this village lies ruins of a Castle and an Elizabethan mansion that was built in the 12th Century. The land is supposedly cursed which prevented its owner ever staying there. We arrived at the location and was all eager to get to the ruins, straight away we had a sensation of being watched but the longer we stayed there the more comfortable we felt. We walked around the grounds looking in rooms etc that was still standing so we could familairise ourselves with the area. We began our investigating and we managed catch a couple of orbs on camera. We was probably on site for about 30 minutes then Jamie spotted a grey shadow on the wall which floated across the window, this startled him so we new he had seen something and it was not just his mind playing tricks. About 2 mins later the whole group saw the grey shadow again apart from Matt, this startled the whole group to the point we moved back from the Castle. Disheartened that he hadnt seen anything Matt was watching for a while whilst the other was taking pictures and then it happened, on the ground a grey shadow appeared from the wall slowly moved across the floor and in to another wall, it was that slow that Matt manged to run and show the others what was there, Jamie even manged to shine the torch on it before it dissapeared; at the same second Matt said that Jamie saw in the window above a grey mist float across the window which is exactly what they had all seen earlier. This spirit was not shy!!  Due to the activity we was getting we started to do a Ouija board which it moved slighlty but we had no further action from it - but our concentartion was lost due to the feeling of something being around us. We all stood where Matt had seen this ghostly figure and did some calling out we all felt cold and it seems that some one was blowing a cold stream of air across our face which would come and ago, not to mention the sudden temperature drops that we had experienced, was this the ghost showing us that he or she was there? One of the questions we shouted out was let us know your here and no sooner we had finsihed saying that the grey mist appeared. Matt threw a couple of small stones and asked them to throw them back but nothing happened. This place has been the most active place we have ever done and the ghost certainly likes to show its self! Theres a lot more to explore there so a 2nd visit may be on the cards. We would recomend this location to anyone because of the amount of visual activity that we had recieved.

Investigation 8 - Acton Burnell, Shropshire

Date: 20th June 2009

Time: 9:30pm - 3am

Weather: Cloudy

We arrived at Acton Burnell castle ruins in the small village of Acton Burnell. Over the past 5 years there has been a number of sightings around the castle, a common one is a dark silhouette figure in the windows and door ways. We had to walk through what was a very creepy forest to find the ruins. The location was very good but none of the team felt scared or on edge like we usually do. We began our investigation by walking around the ruins and taking pictures. By the amount of windows in these ruins it was more of a dwelling then a fortress. We got a couple of orbs on our pictures and one specific picture we caught what seemed to be a lady looking out at us through a door way (in photo album). We tried a Ouija board but we didnt get much from it. To some up this location we never felt threatened at all which suggests the lady in the window never meant us arm and was possibly content being there. Not much action on the night but a good result in the picture of our lady friend.

Investigation 9 - Haden Hill Park, Halesowen

Date: 27th June 2009

Time: 10pm - 2am

Weather: Clear night

After doing our usual research and speaking with the park keeper we discovered Haden Hills history and what lies beneath. The location was in Haden Hills Park where the Haden Hill House is. The history states the daughter (Eleanor) of the house owner fell in love with a monk and the parents ordered him to be killed, They both ran away to a secret passage and were then later caught. The monk was then walled up alive under the park grounds. He and his partner are supposed to be walking through out the grounds to meet up again once more. After a long walk to get to the house we arrived at the house and it was quite well lit, this made us all feel more secure. We began our investigation by walking around the grounds taking pictures, recording sound and not forgetting the use of the EMF meter. A few orbs was captured on camera which are in our photo gallery. Other odd things happened such as we could hear voices in particular a lady, the batteries in our torchs went but has soon as we went from the hall they seemed to go back to full power and the most strangest thing was Marie (investigator) was feeling sick which eventually led to her being sick, was this a spirit causing these things to happen? We tried a Ouija board and Matt, Jamie and Vonn couldnt get the the Planchette to move but a brick was thrown at us whilst we was doing it. Matt and Jamie continued to look around the grounds while Marie and Vonn did a Ouija board, they got it to move, it spelt F and then moved to U when they asked what the persons name was. All the while they were doing it they got the feeling that the spirit was struggling to move the Planchette. It eventually went to goodbye, but due to the brick being thrown and it going to goodbye then maybe this spirit wasnt keen on us or didnt want to speak to us. Matt reported feeling on edge at this point and felt like they were being watched. The location was good and we think that we could get more from the location, we are currently trying to get access to the house. So watch this space!!!!

Investigation 10 - St Nicholas Church - Curdworth, Sutton Coldfield

Date: 18th July 2009

Time: 10pm - 2am

Weather: Cloudy night, light rain on and off

Around 30 mins away is an hidden church with supposedly hidden treasure! Legend has it a Ghostly lady stalks around the grounds dressed in a green dress and an headless man appears when you tread near his buried treasure - which also in the box contains his head! We arrived at the location which seemed to be hidden from the road view even though it towers into the sky. The big roof reminded us of a castle rather than a church! We began our investigation by getting to know the area. As we done this we took photo's, recorded sound and used the emf meter. The first picture Marie took was of a grave and when she checked the picture back it seemed to be glowing red (in photo album). Miffed by this we continued to look around the grounds and Marie took a picture of a tree and managed to capture a moving orb, it seemed to be fast moving too (in photo album). It seemed that what was there was only willing to appear to Marie. We did a ouija board as well but nothing happened with this - on the board anyway! When we was conducting the ouija marie was sat on a bench by us and said that it felt like someone when to hit her around the head - she had a cold  sudden waft. This scared her to the point that she jumped up and accused Jamie of doing it but it wasnt him because he wasnt close by. The church was surounded by houses and it seemed to be close to Birmingham Airport because there was a lot of noise from planes flying over so it can be distracting when your trying to concentrate. Matt and Jamie reported some strange stuff, matt saw what seemed like people running  around - was this his eyes playing tricks? and Jamie heard someone shout his name -  he even answered because he thought it was Vonn. As an whole the location was active and we could get more without the those distractions.

Investigation 11 - Turls Hill Woods, Sedgley

Date: 1st August 2009

Time: 10pm - 11pm

Weather: Clear night

We read about this place online and it proved to be difficult to find. It was only about 15 minutes down the road from us. The place we are talking about is Turls Hill Woods in Sedgley. We all got the feeling that it was a bridle path more than woods but we investigated it anyway. We got our torches out and walked down in to woods, right to the bottom. It was dark to say the least! It was creepy because the tree's seemed to grow over like a roof over our heads and we heard creepy noises which we later found out was horses in the field next to us.  We all took a few pictures but didnt really get anything paranormal on them. None of us found this location to be haunted nor scary. If it was'nt so dark then it would have been a total wash out, we only spent an hour at this location which we believe to be 55 minutes to much haha!. Would be interesting to see if any other investigators find anything.

Investigation 12 - St Margarets Churchyard, Great Barr

Date: 1st August 2009

Time: 11pm - 1:30am

Weather: Clear night

Our aim was to re-visit St Margarets Hospital but when we got there their was a barrier up so we couldnt get in so we changed our location to St Margarets Church - We stubbled across it in fact. At first it seemed it was a church yard with a few graves on the front but when we went around the back it was a huge grave yard. We had a walk around to get to know the place. We began the investigation like we usually do which includes walking round taking pictures, recording sound and keeping an eye on the emf. The first picture that Jamie took he manage to capture a misty shape on the image (in photo album),  was this a ghost? Nothing much happened on this night we did however manage to get a few orbs on our pictures. The environment was creepy because we was in a grave yard after all not to mention what was hidden over the fence and tree's - The old grounds of St Margarets hospital!! We came away here pleased we stumbled across this church yard but also upset that we cant get in to St Margarets anymore :-(

Investigation 13 - White Ladies Prior, Shropshire - Re-visit

Date: 7th August 2009

Time: 12:00pm - 2am

Weather: Clear night, full moon

Well we thought we would visit this location again as we have heard a lot of stories about this place and havent been able to do a full investigation yet due to others being there. Since our last visit we found at White Ladies Priory  rumour has it that the monks used to take single pregnant ladies here and when their babies were born they were drowned in a near by ditch filled with water. A recent visit by a medium heard babies crying when she was there. We was intrigued so went back. We got there around 12 o'clock but there was people there so we went to Boscoble House which is about half a mile up the road. We couldnt do nothing here because their were cars there so could have been done for tresspapssing so we went back to try White Ladies. Luckily the people had gone so it was a about 12.15am and we started to walk down the dirt track that leads to the ruins. We had a walk around, did some "calling out" and at the same time taking a pictures. Later on in the night we split up, Marie and Vonn did the Ouija Board and Jamie,Matt and Kieran did some calling out. The lads got some paranormal activity - when calling out, they asked the spirit to make itself known and just as they said that some leaves on the floor made a rattling sound (as if someone stood on them) we carried on calling out and it happened again. Matt got the feeling that it didnt want to be seen because we asked it to give us a sign it was here but it wouldnt until Matt said "we wont take pictures we just need to see if you are here". When we stopped getting a response the 3 lads stood in a circle with there arms out and asked the presence to blow on there hands/tap them/ stroke them but nothing came of it. We thanked the spirit because although it may not have seemed an eventful night it let us know it was there. We think a re-visit with a medium would be a very interesting night!

Investigation 14 - Lilleshall Abbey, Shropshire

Date: 14th August 2009

Time: 11pm to 2am

Weather: Windy with clear skys

We visited Lilleshall Abbey on this night. We had to jump a fence to get to it but it was worth it when we got there. We had to walk down this long dirt track to find the ruins, the closer we got the more dominent it was in the sky. It was a very grand building and you could tell a lot of effort was put into building it not to mention the memories the walls held.  Lilleshal Abbey is the remains of a twelfth and thirteenth-century medieval monastry.The remains of the church and other large domestic buildings can still be seen other buildings such as a lady chapel and canon's dormitory is known to have existed on the site and is thought to have been situated to the north-east of the church. The abbey was enclosed by a large precinct wall, of which little survives tday.It is thought Lilleshall Abey was foundedy Richard de Belmeis who settled a group of Arrouasian (later Augustinian) canons at the site in arround 1148. When we arrived it was very windy but this added to the eerieness of the place. Once we climbed the gate we was eager to view the building, looks was decieving because it was huge. It had a scary feeling about it, none of us wanted to left on there own here. We walked around the site so we could familairise ourselves with it, in the pitch black it could be dangerous as there are ruins on the floor which we could only presume was reamins of a wall. We found these narrow, winding spiral stair case, Matt, Kie and Jay all went up the stairs hoping to find a spirit but it just let to an open top roof. We did a Ouija board on these steps later on in the night but failed to get anything - i think its because we lost patience not to mention we was on edge because we wasnt supposed to be there. We filmed the area and also took pictures, we got a few orbs, a strange shape that can be found by Matt's feet and a circle red glow on the stair case wall, these can be found in the picture gallery. This was a great location with a lot of history and perhaps something paranormal that is waiting to be discovered........... Bring on the re-visit!

Investigation 15 - St Giles Churchyard, Willenhall

Date: 21st August 2009

Time: 11pm to 2am

Weather: Cold but clear night

This was our back up on the night because we couldnt get in the first location. We visited St Giles Church and Churchyard in Willenhall, This has been a popular place for ghostly goings on with other ghost groups. Many people have seen several sightings of a lady crouching over by a certain gravestone within the cemetary area so we was keen to check it out. So when we arived we discreetly went into the graveyard and had a walk around. We was taking pictures as we walked round trying to be quiet so we could pick up any unusual sounds or happenings. One of the first pictures we took we managed to get an interesting orange colour orb by the gravestones (in photo album). Out of respect we didnt do a Ouija board not to mention how cold it was. Nothing really happened for us at this location although we did hear some bells while doing the investigation. Only Matt and Jamie heard them and they still dont know what it could have been. There was a few scares where birds flew out of trees for unknown reasons - could have been us disturbing them though. All of the team was on edge in this location and none of us could put our fingers on why. We will do a re-visit but it will be in the church the next time :-)


Investigation 16 - Park Lime Pits, Rushall, Walsall

Date: 22nd August 2009

Time: 11:45 to 2:15am

Weather: Cold but clear

Went to this location from a recomendation by a Medium that Matt works with. There as been numerous suicides and drownings in the lake so we thought we could get some troubled souls. We walked along this long road which lead to the pits car park. The environment was good, it was a long way to run back to the car if we needed to. We began walking around the path, the only light was from torches, cameras and the moonlight it was, very dark. The further we walked the further we got into the tree's and bushes, Vonn was scared and didnt want to go into the forest so when we was debating it we ALL heard a quiet bell which lasted for about 8 seconds! Was this a cat? We was probably about half a mile fom the nearest house so couldnt work out what it was. Then it dawned on Matt, we had heard the same thing the night before on investigation 15. Was this a coincidence? Or was something following us? It startled us a bit so we left the highly wooded area so we was in familar teritory. When we was walking out Vonn and Kieran heard a branch snap in the bushes at the side of us as if someone stood on it. We walked back to the carpark because there was concrete steps and ramps which appeared to go to know where, we guessed that this was remains from the pits back in te day so thought there would be high activity but we didnt get anything from this area. We videoed, took pictures and did call outs but nothing happened. If their is troubled souls there then they didnt want to be found. What was the bells that we heard? Watch this space to see if we hear them again on our next investigation...............

Investigation 17 - Gibbet Lane Woods, Stourbridge

Date: 4th September 2009

Time: 11:00pm - 1:30am

Weather: Clear night, Full moon

Well this was a location we wanted to visit in previous weeks but we never got to it, but as we arrived and looked ahead into the woods it was total darkness. We walked deep into the woods taking pictures (see photo album)and investigating the place but we didnt get much. The further we walked into the woods the darker it got with the only ray of light was coming from the moon. Although we didnt get much paranormal activity this place was still creepy and eerie

Investigation 18 - Cannock Chase, Cannock

Date: 3rd October 2009

Time: 10:30pm - 1:00am

Weather: Cold night, clear skies, Full moon

This week we made a revisit to Cannock Chase following the recent stories in the paper of UFO's, Bigfoot and Werewolves. Cannock Chase covers over 3000 acres and is very popular with all things paranormal. Could we be the ones to find the so called Hellhound with its glowing red eyes?? We didnt want to go to the normal spots so we practically got lost. It was about 11pm and we found this walk way that seemed ideal for investigating. We got out the car and walked into the woods with our equipment, it didnt seem scary because the moon gave us some good light. It was a very quiet night, none of the usual "people parked in cars". We walked down this path for about a minute going deeper and deeper into the forest, we made a left turn onto a narrrower path with more trees and bushes around us. We were walking for about 10 seconds and then Jamie and Vonn heard a barking noise, it startled Vonn and so she started to head back but after gentle persuasion we decided to carry on as it could of been something in the distance. Jamie was walking in front with kieran follwing close by and then Matt followed by Vonn. All of a sudden Matt and Jamie heard a load deep groul, it sounded almost lion like. They both looked at each other and said did you hear that, both of them were terrified and took a few steps back, we wanted to go forward but we were worried for our safety. We debated it for a short while and then Jamie came running towards us, out of default the rest of us began to run, jamie said he heard the growl again but it was even closer. Has we were running we heard twigs snapping in the bushes at the side of us, at one point we heard twigs snapping in front of us so what ever it was was running faster than us! We were all scared so decided to head back to the car for our own safety whether it be dog or the renowned hellhound it was certainly letting us know it was there. We walked back onto the main path of the forest and were talking about what we all heard.  We all agreed it couldnt be a dog because the growl was too loud, deep and eerie. Was it the legendry hellhound or a werewolf lurking in the bushes? Further investigation is needed -  maybe with a weapon next time :-)

Investigation 19 - St Margarets Hospital (re-visit), Great Barr

Date: 10th October 2009

Time: 10:30pm - 12:00am

Weather: Cold but clear night

We did this location again because we felt we didnt do much first time round. Matt felt this was the most scariest place he had been  the first time. This is the one place we have wanted to investigate for a long time but its not accessible by car anymore so we had to walk. We got out the car and walked up this long dark road until we got to the derelict hospital. We walked down the trashed footpaths taking pictures as we went but none of us felt scared at all, we were even joking around this time round. We were all a bit dissapointed with the night as nothing really happened. The only thing that could have been paranormal was we heared a few banging noises coming from the hospital. We didnt get anything paranormal on the pictures but we all still had a good spooky night around the old mental asylum the book on St Margarets can now be closed.

Investigation 20 - Grace Dieu Priory, Leicestershire

Date: 17th October 2009

Time: 8:30pm - 2:00am:

Weather: Cold with scattterd clouds.

This place has a good reputation and has been called "the area with the most paranormal activity within leicestershire". So you can imagine how much we was looking forward to it. We arrived at the priory, the way we went into it we had to walk through an heavily wooded nature walk and it was fair to say it was pitch black. Walking down the path Matt felt a sensation by his right ear has if some one went to slap him but missed (gush of wind). We were all excited now because before we had even got to it activity began to happen. We walked around the priory to get to know it, because there was lot of fallen rocks around so it was dangerous in the dark. As we were walking we calling out we were doing this louder than usual because apparently the white lady that haunts the area does not like noise and people have felt the sensation of being pushed like she was telling them to leave. We were taking pictures and straight away we got orbs. Some pictures you will see an eerie fog on it, at first we thought it could be our breath because it was a cold night so we did a test. The close the pictures it was our breath but has you can see on our pictures the fog is very far away from us so it clearly is not our breath. This could have been a ghost showing it self to us. We all continued to take pictures and we all continued to get this mist own our camera's. This ruled out it was a camera fault. We do think this may have been the lady in white. We did a lot of calling out but didnt get no response from the troubled spirit. We decided to split up so Vonn and Marie stood by the fire place which a man and lady have been seen eating there dinner in front of it. Jamie went in the most haunted place the arches, Kie went in a room with a wall missing and Matt was in a room with 2 walls missing across the field. They all did call outs but had no response. When we all met back up by the haunted arches Vonn felt like someone had there hands around her neck, this sensation went when she went from the arches. No one felt scared here at all considering it was the supposed to be the most haunted place in leicestershire. We really dont think a visit back here is worth it, we tried to provoke the troubled lady and also spoke to calmly but still had activity.

Investigation 21 - RAF Tilstock, Shropshire

Date: 28th November 2009

Time: 10:00pm- 2:00am:

Weather: Cold with light rain

Well after days searching the web we finally come across our next location which was RAF Tilstock in staffordshire. It was used in World War II and closed down in 1946. After an hour and a half driving we found our destination. It was total darkness with no street lights or no light off the moon so we all got out our torches and walked in the wooded aread to the derelict buildings. We were taking pictures throughout the night and got a few orbs and some interesting pictures (see album). We come across a derelict building which has a burnt out car inside, but no one knows why. We took a few pictures of the car and interestingly this is where a few orbs appeared on one of our photos. We decided to do a ouija board on the back of the car and after a few calling out and questions the planchette moved around the board. We asked a few questions which we did get answers to. the questions were: Could you tell us your name? After a bit of waiting the planchette spelt out George D, How old were you when you died? George moved the planchette to the age 24, What year did you die? The planchette only moved to the number 4, Would you like to tell us something? It then spelt out the word R E D. So we knew we spoke to someone called george from the war and he was aged 24 when he died but he also went to the letter D and spelt out the word R E D. After our investigation Matt did some research from the war and found out that the soldiers prepared for D day in The Red Lion Pub in Tilstock and the base was open from 1942 to 1946. So when george went to the letter D this could have been for D day and the 4 could have been a date between 42 and 46. The most interesting one was when he spelt out the word R E D, we was trying to think all night what it could mean but after our research we found out that it could of meant The Red Lion pub which george would have used to prepare for D day. Overall this is by far one of our best locations we have visited and we gained quite a lot of information. So a re visit could be on the cards in the near future.

Investigation 22 - The Station Hotel Re visit, Dudley

Date: 14th February 2010

Time: 11:00pm - 7:00am

Weather: Cold but dry

On the 14 february we planned a revisit to the station hotel in dudley but this time we stayed in the most haunted room in the hotel, room 214. We started off by taking a few pictures of the room and we got a few orbs and a very interesting purple orb around matt. Later on in the night we tried the ouija board but didnt get nothing. We were all just sitting there talking and a can of pop at the side of the chair knocked over. None of us could of knocked the can over because no one was near it. We tried a few other investigations and about 12:30am we went back to the ouija board but this time it worked and had some really interesting and scary results.

GEORGE - First off we spoke to the evil ghost 'george' who we spoke to last time. We asked him:- are you evil? spelt out yes, Do you want to hurt us? spelt out yes, Do you bring us harm? spelt out yes, he also used the board to spell out 'it comes evil' and 'burn', Who are you sitting next to? spelt out 'jamie'. He also spelt out hes angry because Yvonne was sitting in the chair which belonged to his lover elizabeth. Elizabeth then spoke to us and spelt out 'protect' and she said shes protecting us from george.

VADA - Secondly we spoke to a man called vada. he told us he was 68 years old. We asked him are you english? and he spelt out the word 'proud' we then said you died young didnt you? he spelt out thats life. Finally we said do you know george and when we said that george came back and spelt out 'it comes evil'.

GEORGE - Thirdly we spoke to george again but this time jamie sat in the chair which he didnt like people in. As soon as jamie sat in the chair the ouija board started to work and george spelt out 'look behind you' 'in the mirror' 'im coming' 'im here' 'ive got blood on my hands' 'look on the door' 'its your blood' 'are you scared yet'.

GEORGE - Finally we spoke to george for the third time. At this point i think he knew we all wasnt scared of him. Yvonne said will you tell me if any of my family is there, george then spelt out 'beg' yvonne then said what do you want me to do for you and ill do it. He spelt out the word 'diet'. We then said which family member is there with you and after he teased us for a bit he spelt 'john' at this point we had goosebumbs because we thought we was going to speak to a family member but when we asked for his last name he spelt out 'lennon' he was taking the mik by saying john lennon. He was said 'hitler' and 'elvis' was there with him. He said he was trying to scare us all night and as the morning arised and the sun came through the window he spelt out 'sunlight' and quickly spelt out the word 'burn' and moved to about 8 different numbers including 24 2010 which we think could be a date, we didnt manage to get all the numbers though. He then went to goodbye and we didnt speak to him again.

Investigation 23 - Tutbury Castle, Burton on trent

Date: 26th March 2010

Time: 10:00pm - 3:30am

Weather: Cold, dry night

For this investigation we travelled down to the popular tutbury castle for the night. Most Haunted held an overnight investigation here and got some very interesting results including flying rbs on video camera, lights switch on and off and banging on the windows. Well as we arrived we had a look around the castle to plan out our night and for the first hour we investigated the Main Hall. We started off by taking pictures throughout the night and got several photos with orbs or mist on them (see album), it was around 11:15pm so we then set up the ouija board with the lights off with torches on but the glass didnt move one bit so we decided to turn the torches off so there was no light and tried it again, amazingly the glass began to move around the board but as soon as we put the light back on the glass stopped. We couldnt really get any more information this time due to it being total darkness and we couldnt see whats being spelt out. We then went to the dungeon which is a very popular place for paranormal activity. We set up the beam barrier alarms across the room while taking pictures. The dungeon was in total darkness due to not having any windows so once we had everything set up we turned the torches out and did a standing vigil linking hands and calling out. It was 12:05am and as we were calling out asking for the spirit to us signs there was someone there we all heard light banging but we didnt think much of it but a few minutes later jamie and matthew both heard a dragging sound across the floor near us. We were both very scared but pleased something paranormal had happened and we knew it couldnt of been an animal because the door was shut and all your could head in the dungeon was the echo of your own voice. We were all pleased we were getting good results so at 12:27 we all went in a corner in total darkness and stood there in silence, a few minutes later we were all shaking with fear as the beam alarms went off. All of us were in seperate corners and didnt move at all and the alarms started to sound. (the only thing that can set the alarms off is if something breaks the beam). We found that really interesting as thats the first time the alarms have worked. Also throughout our vigil in the dungeon jamie heard several whispering and heavy breathing close to his ear. We couldof stayed at this place all night but we had to move onto the undercroft which sadly nothing paranormal happened to us here. Our last place of this location was the castle grounds. It was 2:28am and matthew and jamie were both looing up at the castle building and were both shocked because the castle office computer light came on by itself. We believe this was definately something paranormal because the office door was locked and the only thing that can set off the computer light is if the mouse moves but there was no one in the room to do this. What do you think?? Just after the light came on we heard a big bang right beside us but there was nothing there. It was around 2:40 and jamie saw a dark figure run across once window to another in the castle. It really freaked him out because he knows it couldnt of been anyone else and there was only him and matthew outside. He belives this is the best evidenceof the night that shows Tutbury Castle is really haunted.

Investigation 24 - Galleries Of Justice, Nottingham

Date: 13th May 2011

Time: 10:00pm - 3:00am

Weather: Light rain

Well this was an organised event which we booked, however, we conducted our own investigation throughout the night. We all had high hopes of this location as we have heard a lot of stories from people about this place being very active with the paranormal. It was around 12am and we decided to proceed to the courtroom to carry out a seance. It was pitch black with the only bit of light coming from the fire exit sign. We began we standing around the table and calling out for the spirits to make themselves known, we were calling out for around 15-20 minutes then all of a sudden the temperature dropped dramatically, all the group felt this around the head area. We were pleased with the activity in the court room as thats the first time the group have ever witnessed a sudden temperature drop. We carried on investigating the different locations throughout the jail but not much happened. Around 2:00am we decided to investigate the courtroom 1 more time to see if we could get anything else. We started by calling out asking the the spirits to show theirself, about 10 seconds later, Jamie saw a dark shadow on the ceiling of the room go from 1 side striaght across to the other side then vanish. This couldnt of been cars going past as all the windows were blacked out and nothing could shine through them. He was really impressed with the sighting and is 100% certain it was a spirit of soomekind. Overall we did all have a good night, not as active as we first thought but its still another location to add to our list. A revisit in the future? Maybe