Midlands Ghost Hunters

Paranormal investigators

The Team

 Matt - Investigator

Matt is 26 and has always had a keen interest in the paranormal. He loves the feeling you get when on vigils (on edge) especially when you get evidence or something unexplainable happens.

 Jamie - Investigator

Jamie loves the thrill of ghost hunting. He will investigate at any given opportunity including his garden shed!!!! He is the most enthusiastic member of the team and will always be the first in when the others are scared, so when Jamie is scared the others are!

 Marie - Investigator

Marie is 35 year old mom and she is the "scared" one of the group. She is desperate to get evidence on our vigils but usually runs a mile when something does happen. Curiousity gets the better of her so she always joins in.

 Yvonne - Investigator

Vonn is the oldest of the team but can still out run most of us. She is the most sceptic of the the team  and loves it when she can be proven wrong. She likes a laugh but takes ghost hunting seriously.

 Kieran - Investigator

Kieran is the youngest and newest addition to the team. He likes to feel scared but is also very sceptical. He usually finds answers for most of the happenings that take place - no matter how out of this world they are. He is the prankster of the group and its usually Vonn at the end of his jokes.